Concepts in Kabbalah and Chassidus: Avraham Avinu

Avraham Avinu:

Avram and Avraham:[1] Avram represents the level of Seichel Hanelam Mekol Raayon. The purpose is for this level to becomes revealed in the lower worlds. This revelation of Avraham’s level however could not take place until he circumcised himself, as the Arla allowed nurture of Kelipos from the revealed light and hence must be removed. Thus, after Avraham became circumcised, he was called Av Hamon Goyim.

Beginning of Avodas Habeirurim: Avraham Avinu began the Divine mission of refining the sparks of Tohu that fell into the worlds. This power however was only given to Avraham after he fulfilled the Mitzvah of Mila, as prior to doing this Mitzvah the Kelipa of Noga covered over the level of Avraham and prevented its descent below. The Arla [foreskin] represents the level of Kelipas Nogah [neutral evil] which covers over holiness and conceals it. So long as the foreskin surrounds holiness, the level of holiness cannot be revealed, as this would allow the side of Kelipas Nogah to nurture from this revelation, and receive greater vitality and life-force then it was allocated during its creation. It is for this reason that after the Milah the verse states that that Avraham will be “Av Hamon Goyim/Father of all nations”, as the removal of the Arla of Avraham gave ability for his level of AV-Ram to be revealed and refine the sparks found in the nations.[2] In truth however, this mission of Avodas Habeirurim began when Avraham was commanded by Hashem at age 75 to come to Eretz Yisrael.[3]

Why he did not circumcise himself until commanded: Avraham did not circumcise himself until he was commanded as he wanted to first fulfill all the Torah and then merit the higher level of Mila. [see “Mila” for two levels”] In truth he did merit this level and hence it does not say in the verse “and he circumcised” but rather and he became circumcised, meaning that it came from above.[4]

Why a Hei was added to his name: In order to be able to become Av Hamon Goyim, as until then he was Av Ram, above worlds. Nevertheless, he did not need this Hei to have Yitzchak, and only Sarah needed a hei for this.[5]

Magen Avraham: Since Avraham is Chesed he needs a Magen. From Avrahams Chesed everyone is good and holy and is given to live, even Kelipos. That is why Yishmael came from him. However this cannot be allowed, as then Kelipa will live forever, and in order for Moshiach to come Kelipa must eventually be wiped out. This is then the meaning of Magen Avraham, it serves as a guard that the Chesed does not give extra Yenika to the Kelipos. [6]

Inability to have children and how Hagar helped:[7] Avraham and Sarah were barren and could not naturally have children. The reason for this is because they were very refined spiritually and could not create physical children. They did however create spiritual beings, souls, each time they unified. This why Sarah gave Avraham Hagar as a wife. Hagar brought out from Avraham a physical love which then allowed him to unite with Sarah and create physical children.

Avraham refers to the Neshama:[8] The Zohar states that Avram refers to the Neshama and hence in many verses that contain instructions from hashem to Avraham it is a general instruction from Hashem to the Neshama. For example, Hashem told Avraham to leave his land and birth place and home of his father to the land that he will be shown. This is a general instruction to the Divine soul to descend from Atzilus to Beriya and from Beriya to Yetzira and from Yetzira to Assiya.

Avraham was heavy in cattle:[9] The verse states that Avraham left Egypt heavy in cattle, silver and gold. This refers to that he was able to extract the sparks of holiness, similar to Yosef’s ability to gather all the silver of Egypt.


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