Daily Tanya 2nd Iyar-Chapter 44-The above two loves attain the status of intellectual love and fear


(LY) 2nd Iyar

  1. The necessity for arousing the love of Ahavas Olam-Contemplation of G-d’s greatness:
  • It does not suffice to arouse the previous loves of “My life” and “My father,” but one must also arouse the love of Ahavas Olam which consists of contemplating G-d’s greatness with intent to arouse an unquenchable passionate love for G-d which cannot be extinguished even through many waters and cannot be drowned even by rivers.
  • Its advantage of passion: This form of love is advantageous over the previous forms as it is the result of one’s intellect, creates a stronger passion, and is likened to the value of gold over silver.
  • The purpose of man: In addition, this love fulfills the entire purpose of man’s creation, which is to know G-d’s splendor and greatness, each person to the best of his ability, as it states in the Zohar that G-d created the world in order to be known, as is well known.

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