Concepts in Kabbalah and Chassidus: Adam Kadmon-A”K

Adam Kadmon/A”K:

The word Adam Kadmon means the Primordial man. It is the first level revealed after the first Tzimtzum.

Memutzah-intermediary: A”K serves as an intermediary between the limited worlds and G-d’s infinite light.[1] Nevertheless this is not a true Memutzeh which is incorporated of the two aspects, as A”K is limited while Oar Ein Sof is unlimited. Rather it is called an intermediary because it creates the worlds in a general way which then gives ability to create the worlds in a particular way.[2]

Beriya Haklalis: A”K is considered Beriyah Haklalis, and Keser Deklalus which contains all of Hishtalshlus and sefiros in a concealed manner.[3]

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