Angels-Birth and death within prayer

Birth and death within prayer:[1] Many myriads of angels die and are reborn within their daily praise of G-d. They burn within the great revelation of G-dliness which arouses within them a boundless feeling of passion and G-d then revives them. This is the meaning of the verse “Yotzer Mesharsim”, that Hashem recreates his servants, his angels. [Angels pray just like man below, however their prayer involves a revelation of G-dliness which they vividly experience. However, this revelation is too much energy for them to handle and they thus experience an expiry of their soul, and cease to exist as a soul and body. This mainly occurs during the recital of Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh in the blessings of Shema. Hashem however then revives the angels to serve him again.]

[1] Likkutei Torah Seitzei 34b

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