2. Preparing matters from before shabbos

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2. Preparing matters from before Shabbos:[1]

It is proper to beware that when the 9th month arrives one prepares all [the matters that would require desecration in the event she was to give birth on Shabbos] from before Shabbos in order so they will not be required to desecrate Shabbos. [See Q&A]



Once a pregnant woman has reached her ninth month she is to prepare as much as possible before Shabbos in order to diminish Shabbos desecration if need be.


What matters are to be prepared from before Shabbos within the 9th month?[2]

The following is to be taken care of prior to the 1st Shabbos within ones entering of the 9th month:

1. Registration to the hospital and all the matters which pertain to her giving birth there such as the identification tags, and the testing of her type of blood.

2. Remove any hair interfering with the birth from before Shabbos [if this is standard procedure in the hospital[3]].

3. Leave a light on in the house throughout the night.

4. If one will be traveling in their private car then one is to: disengage the inner car lights from turning on upon opening the car doors; remove Muktzah items from the car seats and in case one will be traveling past the Techum to remove all unnecessary items.

5. One who lives far from the hospital it is proper for them to set up to stay for Shabbos in an area near the Hospital. However, if there is difficulty in doing so she is not obligated to do it, especially if there is a gentile ambulance driver available in her place.

6. If before Shabbos she begins to feel ready to give birth she should already go before Shabbos to the hospital and not wait for things to pick up and then go on Shabbos.[4]

May one induce labor on Shabbos?[5]

One must avoid doing so due to causing unnecessary desecration of Shabbos, unless the matter involves a medical emergency. In a case of great pain, one is to contact a Rav.



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[3] This used to be standard birth procedures in hospitals due to hygienic reasons. In most Modern countries this is no longer practiced.

[4] Ketzos Hashulchan 140:3

[5] Toras Hayoledes chapter 2

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