Desecrating Shabbos to arrange for a babysitter

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Desecrating Shabbos to arrange for a babysitter:[1]

If the couple have only small children at home, then they should make arrangements prior to Shabbos for an adult to take care of them in the event that they must travel to the hospital on Shabbos. If one did not do so, then one may even desecrate Shabbos for the sake of arranging for a babysitter on Shabbos, if the children are too young or scared to stay alone at home.


[1] See Nitei Gavriel 58:16-17; Toras Hayoledes 2:46; 12; Piskeiy Teshuvos 328:30; 330:1 footnote 13

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