May one blow bubbles on Shabbos?

May one blow bubbles on Shabbos?[1] Blowing bubbles on Shabbos enters into the question of whether it transgresses the Molid prohibition due to it changing the form of the water into foam. Practically, the mainstream approach follows that it does not contain a Molid prohibition, and therefore children may blow […]

Returning lost money that one found:

Returning lost money that one found:[1] Finds scattered bills or coins in public area: One who finds money [such as bills or coins] scattered [in a public area], and it is not inside of a purse/wallet, may keep the money for himself. This applies [irrelevant of the amount of money […]

The walking regulations on Shabbos

The walking regulations on Shabbos:[1] The prohibition: The verse[2] states “Im Tashiv Mishabbos Raglecha…Vechibadeto Meiasos Derachecha etc/If from walking you will rest and honor Shabbos by not doing weekday activity.” From here the Sages[3] learned that one’s walking on Shabbos should not be like one’s walking during the week. Practically, […]

The 613 commands

Bereishis Mitzvah 1; Positive 1: Peru Urevu. To multiply and have children. Lech Licha Mitzvah 2; Positive 2: Bris Mila. To circumcise a boy on the 8th Vayishlach Mitzvah 3; Negative 1: Not to eat the Gid Hanashe, the Sciatic nerve. Bo Mitzvah 4; Positive 3: To sanctify the new […]

Counting Jews-How to count Yidden

Counting Jews:[1] The prohibition: It is forbidden to count Jews [in numbers such as 1, 2, 3 etc].[2] [This applies whether one is counting an individual group of Jews or is counting the Jewish people as a whole, such as for census taking.[3] Rebbe Elazar says that anyone who counts […]

The blessing on Matzah

The blessing on Matzah:[1] During Pesach:[2] Throughout Pesach, the blessing on Matzah is Hamotzi according to all opinions.[3] Throughout the year: Most Poskim[4] rule the blessing on Matzah remains Hamotzi throughout the year[5], and so appears to be the ruling of Admur.[6] Some Poskim[7], however, rule that throughout the year, […]

The start time of Mincha-Davening Mincha Gedola

The start time of Mincha-Davening Mincha Gedola:[1] One who Davens Mincha from 6 ½ Zmaniyos hours into the day [i.e. half an hour after the Halachic midday], and onwards, fulfills his obligation. [This time period is commonly referred to as Mincha Gedola.[2]] [However] the main time to Daven Mincha is […]

May one have marital relations during daytime?

May one have marital relations during daytime?[1] It is forbidden to have marital relations during daytime hours.[2] However, if the room is dark, then it is [even initially[3]] permitted to have marital relations during the day.[4] A Torah Scholar:[5] It is permitted for a Torah scholar [who is modest in […]