Writing a will

Writing a will: The Mitzvah:[1] One is to write a will as he approaches his day of death.[2] Some communities are accustomed to do so on the third day of illness of a person.[3] The writing of a will is a Segula for a long life[4], and hence does not […]

Tikkun Chatzos

Tikkun Chatzos:[1] In the first chapter in Shulchan Aruch Admur discusses the detailed laws of Tikkun Chatzos. It is no longer accustomed amongst most Jewry to perform Tikkun Chatzos[2]  and hence the detailed laws written by Admur have been omitted from this chapter. Nevertheless parts of this Halacha have been […]

Kinyan Sudar/Chalifin-How it works

Kinyan Sudar/Chalifin:[1] A. What can be acquired through the Kinyan?[2] All items, whether moveable objects [i.e. Mitaltilin] or land [i.e. Karka] may be acquired through a Kinyan Suddar [otherwise known as Kinyan Chalifin]. This applies whether to a sale or to the giving of a present. B. How it is […]

Women wearing socks/stockings

Women wearing socks/stockings:[1] It is forbidden for men to learn Torah or Daven opposite a woman’s legs [literally, Shoka] as the legs are considered an area of privacy by a woman, and is therefore an Erva to be revealed. [It is therefore necessary for women and girls to cover their […]