Forgot to recite Ritzei on Shabbos:

Forgot to recite Ritzei on Shabbos: On Shabbos, one is required to mention the day of Shabbos [i.e. Ritzei] within Birchas Hamazon.[1] If one forgot to mention Ritzei in the Friday night meal or the first Shabbos day meal[2], and only remembered after he already began the first word “Baruch” […]

Women performing Hataras Nedarim

Women performing Hataras Nedarim: One of the grave and serious offences in the Torah is the breaking of a vow. If one made a vow and desires to break it, he must go through the procedure of annulment, called Hatars Nedarim. The severity of breaking a vow and its process […]