Jewish manners-Acknowledging the greetings of another

Jewish manners-Acknowledging the greetings of another: It is forbidden to ignore the greetings of another, such as to ignore and not respond to another person telling them hello, good morning, Shalom Aleichem.[1] One who does so, and ignores another person’s greetings is called a robber/Gazlan.[2] Not responding to a greeting […]

Marrying a Kohen

Marrying a Kohenes:[1] An Am Haaretz/Ignoramus is not to marry a Kohenes. If he does so, their marriage will not be successful, as either she or he will quickly die or they will be in constant fight with each other [or they will be poor[2]].[3] However, a Sage who marries […]

Tanya-Chapter 50

Chapter 50 21st Iyar Silver style love versus gold style love: All the levels and styles of love discussed in the previous chapters is a Chesed quality of love, which comes from the “right side,” the level of a Kohen who comes from Chesed. This type of love is referred […]