Placing a tablecloth on the Shabbos table

Placing a tablecloth on the table: It is customary for there to be a tablecloth spread over one’s [dining[1]] table throughout the entire Shabbos. One may not swerve from this custom.[2] There are those who have the custom to spread two tablecloths over the [dining] table [and so is the […]

Chapter 11: Borer laws and restrictions

Chapter 11: Borer Introduction: The following Chapter will deal with the laws of separating foods from amongst other foods, such as separating cucumbers from tomatoes in a salad. Doing so is subject to the Borer/separating prohibition. The laws of Borer are one of the more difficult subjects in Hilchos Shabbos[1], […]

The name Challah

The name Challah: Bread in Hebrew is called Lechem while the separated dough is called Challah. It is customary to call the Shabbos bread Challah in order to serve as a reminder to women to separate Challah from the dough.[1] In previous times, it was common in many communities to […]