Daily Tanya 18th Nissan End of Chapter 41-The intent of the Mesirus Nefesh is solely to give G-d pleasure


(LY) 18th Nissan

  1. The intent of the Mesirus Nefesh is solely to give G-d pleasure:
  • The intent of the surrender of one’s soul in Mesirus Nefesh to Hashem through one’s Torah learning and prayer, and elevation of the Divine sparks which are found in them to its source, is to be solely for the purpose of causing gratification to Hashem.
  • A Kings joy of his sons return: The return of one’s soul and the Divine sparks to Hashem cause Him gratification similar to a King who rejoices over the return of his only son who was in captivity and imprisonment.
  • A true intent: This intent is completely sincere and true in every Jewish soul at all times and at every hour due to the inner natural love which is an inheritance to us from our forefathers.
  • Obligation of intellectual love and fear: Nonetheless, one [is not to suffice with this natural love and one] must also set aside times to contemplate the greatness of Hashem, to achieve intellectual love and fear, and perhaps he will be successful in doing so.

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