What action brings the revelation of G-dliness in the future redemption

What action brings the revelation of G-dliness in the future redemption:[1]
It is the Mitzvos that we perform prior to the final redemption which bring us the revelation of G-dliness that we will experience in the future. This includes all Mitzvos performed, whether during Temple era or during exile. Although, in Tanya[2] it states that it is specifically the Mitzvos performed during Galus that bring this revelation, in truth there is an advantage of each form of Avoda. The advantage of the Avoda performed during the Temple times, and all the more so the Avoda that will be performed in the future when Moshiach comes, is in terms of Hamshacha. The Mitzvos performed during Temple times is in completion and has ability to draw down the true revelation o G-dliness. Thus, the revelation of G-dliness that comes through performing a Mitzvah is mainly when Mitzvos were and will be performed during Temple times, and it is these Mitzvos that will give that G-dly experience. Howeve4r Mitzvos performed during Galus are not fully able to draw Hamshacha. Nevertheless, the exile Mitzvos have advantage in terms of Ishapcha, as they mainly turn the darkness into light, and the revelation of light over darkness in the future will mainly be due to the fulfillment of Mitzvos during them times of exile.


[1] Mamar 1988 “Habaim Yashreish Yaakov [printed in Melukat 4/127

[2] Tanya chapter 37

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