Understanding Elokus-The internal and external aspects of G-dliness

Understanding Elokus-The internal and external aspects of G-dliness:[1]

The key to understanding the two forms of vitality found in G-dliness, internal and external, can be found in one’s own soul. The soul of man contains many aspects and qualities that express different capabilities. Every soul has the power of thought, speech, and action. Although all three of these powers derive from the soul, the relationships of these powers to the soul are not equal. The power of thought is an internal soul power that derives from the depths of the soul and remains constantly attached to it. The power of speech is a bit more external. The power of action is even more external. Although it derives from the soul, it is considered as if it is separated from the soul, as the soul’s involvement in this power is minute and subconscious. This same form of relationship also applies above to Hashem and the G-dliness that He extends towards creations. There is Hashem Himself, which is transcendent and above the G-dliness that He reveals, and then there is the revealed G-dliness, which contains an internal and external aspect. The internal aspect is G-d’s thought, while the external aspect is G-d’s speech and action. All three of these aspects are found in creation, although in particular the level of thought is expressed in the world of Beriyah, the level of speech in the world of Yetzira, and the level of action in the world of Assiyah. It is dependent on man’s service to proximate himself to the level of G-d’s thought and consciously receive from it.

[1] Likkutei Torah p. 64a

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