Story about Menachem Nochum

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A Maaseh Shehaya:[1]

In the days of the Alter Rebbe it became accustomed to wear a certain style leather coat with a silk exterior called a Katinke. Prior to the wedding of Menachem Nachum, the grandson of the Alter Rebbe, the Alter Rebbe summoned him and asked him “Do you agree that your Katinke contain a patch?” Nochum replied that not only does he not agree but he does not want the patch either. The Alter Rebbe then offered to learn with him in exchange and he refused. Admur then offered him that he will be with him in his “Mechitza”. This was an offer that he could not refuse. He asked Admur: Should I desire to do so simply out of subordination or due to a true desire. Admur replied: Ceratinly it must be a true desire and a desire from the Yechida. Nochum remained silent and the matter remained as is.[2] The Rebbe[3] explains that the reason this matter was so important to Admur to the point that he offered to Nochum “You will be with me in my Mechitza” is because at that time the new Kelipa of wearing elegent clothing like the gentiles began to enter amongst Jews. In order to break this new “Taava” [lust] Admur desired that his grandson which was a young lad at that time and hence had a desire for these matters, that he break this lust at its head, and this will be beneficial for all.


[1] Likkutei Dibburim Likut 2/5

[2] See Likkutei Dibburim ibid for the remainder of the story, of how by the day of the wedding Admur removed a certain piece from the Kantinke and promised him a long life. After Admur passed away Reb Nochum would spend many hours at the gravesite of Admur in Haditch as a Tikkun for this matter that occurred with the clothing.

[3] Sichas 10th Shvat 1955 in name of Rebbe Rayatz

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