Shabbos during pregnancy

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*For birth on Shabbos, see Chapter 6!


A. Pregnant women taking vitamins on Shabbos:[2]

A pregnant woman may take vitamins on Shabbos, although it is best if possible, to push this off to before or after Shabbos.

B. May a pregnant woman eat or drink after candle lighting?

Some Poskim[3] rule it is permitted to eat or drink after candle lighting until Tzeis Hakochavim. Other Poskim[4] rule it is forbidden to eat or drink anything after candle lighting. Nonetheless, if one is very thirsty, and is afraid to delay lighting candles until after she drinks, she may stipulate upon lighting the candles that she will not accept Shabbos with the lighting. In such a case, she may drink after lighting candles and is to then accept Shabbos within ten minutes from the lighting. If she did not make the above stipulation, some Poskim[5] rule that in a time of need [such as a pregnant or nursing or ill or old person] she may nevertheless drink after candle lighting, up until sunset.[6] Nonetheless, if possible, it is better for one to make Kiddush after candle lighting and then eat and drink to one’s content according to all opinions, rather than rely on the above ruling.[7]

C. Bleeding during pregnancy:[8]

While light bleeding can be viewed as normal during pregnancy, and does not deem a woman a Nida if found on a colored garment or is less than a Gris in size, heavy bleeding can deem a woman a Nida, and could be a worry of a miscarriage. In such a case, one is to immediately contact a doctor even on Shabbos.


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