Abortion of illegitimate pregnancy

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Abortion of illegitimate pregnancy

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If a pregnancy takes place due to a forbidden relationship, may one abort the child. I know Judaism is very against abortion but are there any exceptions to this rule and may one entertain abortions in certain cases?



Judaism views abortions very seriously, considering it tantamount to murder. To answer this question definitively we would require a detailed analysis of the case at hand, which would need to include the following details: a) the number of weeks of gestation [pregnancy] and if 40 days have already passed; b) how the pregnancy took place [i.e. rape versus under consent]; c) The level of forbidden relations [incest, adultery, out of wedlock] d) the mental state of the mother to be and if there is any serious risk to her mental or physical state. e) If the mother to be is Jewish or gentile. The above factors would weigh into whether there is room for a Heter to abort the child r”l or if the general very severe law which prohibits abortion would likewise apply in your specific case, as it does in the vast majority of cases. You can turn to the following Orthodox organization which deals with such matters and lends support in various ways https://en.efrat.org.il/  

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