Selichos Checklist

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Selichos Checklist

  • The first night of Selichos is Motzei Shabbos. The custom is to begin Selichos immediately after midnight.
  • On Motzei Shabbos, Selichos is said while still wearing one’s Shabbos clothing.
  • It is customary to hold a Chassidic gathering on Motzei Shabbos in the hours prior to Selichos.
  • One is to learn Torah prior to saying Selichos. The content to be learned is matters which pertain to practical Halacha. Likewise one is to study the Mamar of “Lecha Havayah Hatzedaka” [printed in the beginning of the Selichos] or at the very least its beginning and end. On the first night of Selichos this to be learned prior to midnight.
  • One is to give charity prior to Selichos. On the 1st night of Selichos this is to be done only after midnight.
  • The custom is to stand while reciting Selichos.
  • The chazan is to recite Selichos with a Tallis. If it is still before the allowable time to say a blessing over a Tallis the Chazan should borrow a Tallis from another person and wear it without a blessing.
  • Selichos must be recited slowly and with concentration. It is better to recite a lesser amount of supplications, but with proper concentration, then a larger amount without concentration.
  • It is forbidden to recite the thirteen attributes without proper concentration.
  • One is to recite the 13 attributes with his back slightly arched forward.

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