Said Shel Shabbos instead of Shel Yom Tov by the Yom Tov candle lighting

Said Shel Shabbos instead of Shel Yom Tov by the Yom Tov candle lighting:[1]

If one accidently said in the blessing “Shel Shabbos” instead of “Shel Yom Tov”, then if one remembers right away, within Kdei Dibbur, she is to correct herself and say Shel Yom Tov. If one only remembered after Kdei Dibbur, some Poskim[2] rule that she is nevertheless Yotzei.[3] Other Poskim[4], however, rule that it is questionable as to whether she fulfills her obligation of the blessing. Other Poskim[5] rule that she is not Yotzei and must repeat the blessing.[6] Practically, Safek Brachos Lihakel, and she is thus not to repeat the blessing.[7] Nonetheless, if she wants, she may ask her father/husband to light another candle with a blessing and have her in mind to be Yotzei the blessing without doubt.


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[3] The reason: As Yom Tov is also called Shabbos, as the verse states Mimacharas Hashabbos. In addition, the wording of the blessing has no source in Shas. [Poskim ibid]

[4] Hisorerus Teshuvah 1:112

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[6] The reason:  As Admur rules in 487:1 that one is not Yotzei Shemoneh Esrei if he said Mikadesh Hashabbos, as he changed the dialect of the Sages. [ibid] However, in truth one cannot compare the cases, as we do not find anywhere that the Sages established a dialect for the blessing said over candle lighting, and hence we see that the Chabad custom is to change the wording for candle lighting of Rosh Hashanah!

[7] Nitei Gavriel ibid

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