Regulations on Painting and decorating one’s walls after the Churban

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Painting and decorating one’s walls:[1]

When the Temple was destroyed, the Sages of that generation instituted that it is forbidden for one to ever build a home which is painted and decorated like the building of a king. [Thus, it is forbidden to paint the walls without first cementing it.[2] Likewise, it is forbidden to decorate the walls of the house. This prohibition applies even if one leaves a space of 1×1 Ama unpainted and undecorated[3], although some Poskim[4] are lenient and so is the widespread custom.[5]]


[1] Michaber 560:1; Bava Basra 60b

[2] M”B 560:1

The reason: It was the custom of the palaces of the kings not to cement the walls of the house and rather to only use lime paint. Thus, it is forbidden to do so today. [ibid]

[3] Implication of Michaber ibid, as rules Rambam ibid [M”B ibid]

[4] Tur brought in M”B ibid; The Tur learns that there is no prohibition in decorating and using only lime, so long as one leaves one cubit unpainted and undecorated.

[5] M”B ibid

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