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Parshas Vaeira-Chassidic story & lesson

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Borer restriction applicable to cutlery and eating utensils

Check out our Amazon Sefarim Shop * This article is an excerpt from the above book WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Sponsor an Article Donate Borer by non-food items-Eating utensils:[1] The general law: The Borer restrictions is not limited to mixtures of different foods but applies also to mixtures of different

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Daily Chumash Thursday Tetzaveh: The inauguration procedure 2

Buy Now-The Daily Chumash Summary WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Sign up for Daily link via Whatsapp Sponsor an Episode Donate Chamishi Sacrificing the second ram Shlamim offering: You shall bring the second ram and have Aaron and his sons lean on its head. It is then to be slaughtered. Take

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Ask The Rabbi-Archive of Q&A

Archive of Shaalos received and answered by Rabbi Goldstein from both his local and global audience Check out our Amazon Sefarim Shop *Send your Shaalos to, or via whatsapp to the number 0506684825, and we will IYH reply. **Please note that we retain the right to publish the question

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From the Rav’s Desk: What is a Zabla?

Purchase “From Rav’s Desk” Q&A’s 3 Volumes* *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Join Daily Halacha distribution list Sponsor an Episode Donate Question: What is a Zabla? I hear this term used all the time   Answer: A Zabla stands for

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