Marital relations on Hoshana Raba

Marital relations on Hoshana Raba:

Some Poskim[1] rule that one is to refrain from marital relations on the night of Hoshana Raba [until after Simchas Torah].[2] From other sources however it is evident that it is not necessary to abstain from marital relations on the night of Hoshana Raba.[3]

Mikveh Night: If the night of Hoshana Raba is the night of Mikvah then one is obligated to have intercourse that night. [One who refrains from doing so is considered as if he is performing a Mitzvah as a result of an Aveira.[4]]

Strong desire:[5] Those who feel a strong desire or are troubled by forbidden thoughts are better to have intercourse than to come to doing a sin.


[1] Or Tzadikim 27/11 “It is customary to abstain”; Shiyurei Kneses Hagedola 240/1 and 664/1 “it is proper to abstain”, brought in Elya Raba 240/1 and Kaf Hachaim 664/21; Beir Heiytiv 664/4 “It has the same status as the night of Shavuos”; Bikureiy Yaakov 664/4 based on Kisvei Arizal “Is forbidden”; Taharas Yisrael 240/6; M”B 664/8 “It has the same status as the night of Shavuos”

[2] The reason: As it is the night of the Chasima. [Kneses Hagedola ibid]

[3] No mention of abstinence on the night of Hoshana Raba is mentioned in the writings of the Arizal, or the Poskim in which the ruling of the Arizal is brought down. [See following Poskim who all omit Hoshana Raba: M”A 240/3; Beir Heiytiv 240/4; M”B 240/7; Kaf Hachaim 240/5]. Some Poskim thus concludes that there is no need to suspect for the above opinions, and one may thus have marital relations. [Olas Tamid 240/4; Kaf Hachaim 240/5; Elya Raba ibid records the ruling of the Kneses Hagedola, although then brings the ruling of the Olas Tamid]

[4] Shlah p. 213 brought in Kaf Hachaim 581/86 reagrding the night of Rosh Hashanaha

[5] M”B 240/7; 581/26; Kaf Hachaim 240/5; See Seder Hayom brought in Kaf Hachaim 581/86; Machazik Bracha 581/4; Ben Ish Chai Netzavim 9; Chayeh Adam 139/7; Kaf Hachaim 581/88.

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