Repeating the Hoshanos of Shabbos on Sunday

  1. Question: [Friday, 19th Tishreiy, 5783]

This year that Hoshanah Rabbah falls on Sunday, what do we do about the repeating of the Hoshanos that we omitted on Shabbos. Do we not repeat it on Sunday Being that anyways, we’ll be saying all 7 Hoshanos for Hoshana Raba which includes the omitted Hoshana, or do we say it twice and if so, when?


The omitted Hoshanah of Shabbos should be said prior to beginning the seven Hoshanos of Hoshanah Raba.

Explanation: The Poskim rule that one does not encircle the Bimah on Shabbos. Furthermore, some Poskim rule that the paragraph of Hoshanos is likewise omitted on Shabbos, and practically so is the Chabad custom. However, on Sunday, one recites the Hoshanos of that day, and the skipped Hoshanos of Shabbos, with saying the Hoshanos of Shabbos first and encircling the Bimah only once. Now, regarding what to do if Hoshanah Raba falls on Sunday, seemingly the above directive applies even when Hoshanah Raba falls on Sunday. Although there is no explicit directive that we have received in this matter, nonetheless, it appears from the sources that the omitted Shabbos Hoshanos should be recited prior to the start of the 7 Hoshanos of Hoshanah Raba.


Sources: Simple implication of Tzemach Tzedek in Piskei Dinim 660; See Hiskashrus that so was testified of the Rebbe, that he was seen to say something prior to the start of the Hakafos by Hoshanah Raba of such a year; See regarding the general custom of omitted Hoshanos on Shabbos and making it up the next day: Rama 660:1; Siddur Admur; Piskei Dinim Tzemach Tzedek end of Orach Chaim 660; Shaar Hakolel 45:3; Hayom Yom 17th-18th Tishrei; Sefer Haminhagim p. 67; Otzer Minhagei Chabad p. 317-318

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