Keeping floor clean

Not to dirty one’s floor by the Shabbos meals:[1]

It is proper[2] to beware at the night and day meal from dirtying one’s floor by throwing food remnants onto it.[3] Rather one is to throw the remnants onto the tablecloth which is on the table and after the meal one is to shake it [into the garbage] or outside of the house. If however one is accustomed to sweep the floor, in a permitted way, after each meal[4], then it is allowed to throw the remnants onto the floor.


[1] 362/2

[2] Lit. good. This is in contrast to the ruling of the Magen Avraham 262/1 which rules that it is forbidden to throw remnants on the floor if one does not plan on sweeping the floor immediately after the meal. Admur in Kuntrus Achron 1 proves that there is no prohibition involved and it is a mere matter of scrupulousness.

[3] The Darchei Moshe [brought in M”A 262/1] explains that the reason for this avoidance of dirtying the floor is due to that it may cause the escorting Shabbos angel to desire to leave the home.

[4] If however one only sweeps after the day meal, then one is to beware against dirtying the floor by the night meal. [ibid]

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