When to go shopping for Shabbos

When to go shopping for Shabbos:[1]

[In general,] it is better to go shopping for Shabbos on Friday, which is Erev Shabbos, than to go shopping on Thursday.[2] However, this only applies to readymade foods that do not require preparation to be fit to be eaten, such as beverages and various types of delicacies and the like [i.e. readymade dips, canned foods, foods from a catering, Challahs, etc etc].[3] However, those foods which still require further preparation [i.e. cooking, grinding] it is better to purchase the foods on Thursday [or another day of the week if necessary[4], as opposed to Erev Shabbos].[5] [Thus, it is better for one to purchase the meat, fish, and vegetables that he will use for cooking, on Thursday. Even by a ready to eat food, if one knows that the food item will certainly be available on Friday for him to purchase it, however, if it may no longer be available for purchase on Friday, and it is needed for Oneg Shabbos, then it is better to purchase it on Thursday than to nullify the Mitzvah.[6] Likewise, all the above only applies if one knows that he will have time to go shopping on Friday for the ready-made foods that he desires. If, however, one may not have time to shop also on Friday, or there will be very long lines, then he should purchase all of the foods, including the ready-made foods on Thursday.[7] Thus, if one can only go shopping once, either on Thursday or Friday, it is better to go shopping on Thursday, unless one knows for certain that he will have more than enough time to do all the Shabbos preparations on Friday including the shopping. See Q&A regarding Thursday night.]



Shopping for Shabbos should be done on Thursday for those foods that require cooking and further preparation. However, foods that are ready to eat as is, is better to be purchased on Friday.


Is shopping on Thursday night considered like shopping on Thursday, or like shopping on Friday?[8]

It is questionable whether shopping on Thursday night is considered like shopping on Thursday. Hence, it is best to purchase the ready-made foods during daytime of Friday. Nonetheless, in a time of need one may certainly do all the shopping on Thursday night, and shopping Thursday night is better than shopping on Thursday during daytime.


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