From the Rav’s Desk: This year, may one cut nails during the nine days?

  1. Question: [Sunday 2nd Menachem Av 5781]

May I cut my nails during the nine days? What about on erev Shabbos?



This year that Tisha B’Av falls on Sunday [as opposed to falling on Shabbos and then being deferred to Sunday] it is permitted to cut nails during the entire nine days. This applies throughout the week including Erev Shabbos.

Explanation: There is a three way dispute amongst the Poskim regarding the regulation of cutting nails during the three week period, with some permitting it entirely, and others limiting it only from the week of Tisha b’Av, and others limiting it throughout the three weeks. Practically the custom is like the middle opinion to limit it only from the week of Tisha B’av. Now, this year that the actual date of Tisha b’Av falls on Sunday [as opposed to falling on Shabbos and being pushed off] there is no concept of “a week of Tisha b’Av,” and therefore there is no regulation against cutting nails this year.

Sources: See regarding limiting cutting nails to the week of Tisha b’Av: Opinion in M”A 551:11 [although is unclear if he refers to all nine days or only week of Tisha Beav]; Taz 551:13; Elya Raba 551:7; Mateh Yehuda 551:12; Chayeh Adam 133:17; Kitzur SHU”A 122:5; Derech Hachaim 4; Ben Ish Chaiy Devarim 13; M”B 551:20; Kaf Hachaim 551:48; see regarding the definition of the we could Tisha b’Av: Michaber 551:4 in first opinion; M”A 551:17 that this applies according to all [even according to the 2nd opinion in Michaber]; Tur in name of Smag; Biur Hagr”a; M”B 551:38; Kaf Hachaim 551:77; Other opinions: Some Poskim rule it is permitted to cut nails throughout the nine days, even during the week of Tisha B’av, as this is considered a private custom of Aveilus, in which we are more lenient during the public mourning of the Temple. [Conclusion of M”A 551:11; Noda Beyehuda Kama Y.D. 99] Other Poskim rule one may not cut nails throughout the three weeks. [Kneses Hagedola 551:41] This is not the accepted custom.

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