From the Rav’s Desk: Tevila to microwave plate

  1. Question: [Monday 23rd Teves 5782]

Is one required to immerse a glass microwave plate inside of a Mikveh?



If you never plan on putting any food directly on the microwave plate, and rather plan on placing the food on a plate and then place the plate on the microwave plate, then it does not need to be immersed. If you do plan on sometimes using it directly with the food, or want to leave your options open, then simply immerse it without a blessing.

Explanation: A food vessel is only obligated to be immersed in the mikvah if it comes in direct contact with food, otherwise it is completely exempt. Now, the common use of microwave plates is not to place food directly on it, but rather to place the food on a separate plate and then place the plate of food on top of the microwave plate for it to heat up. Accordingly, typical microwave plates do not have any requirement of immersion. If, however, you do at times use it directly with the food then seemingly it is to be immersed without a blessing, to suspect for both the majority and minority usage.

Sources: See Michaber Y.D. 120:4; Ohel Yaakov Dinei Tevilas Keilim 35; Hakashrus Lemaaseh Tevilas Keilim p. 199; Mishmeres Habayis [Karp] 3:14

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