From the Rav’s Desk: 1) Toiveled vessel with a sticker; 2) Toiveling a rented vessel

  1. Question: [Monday, 11th Tamuz 5781]

I had someone Toivel my Keilim on my behalf and noticed afterwards that the stickers were left on the vessels and not removed prior to immersion. What am I supposed to do?


If the stickers are not meant to stay on, such as if they do not contain any important instructions, and people are therefore particular to remove them, then it must be removed and the vessels are to be re-immersed with a blessing. If, however, the stickers are meant to remain on the vessel, and people are not particular fins removing them to remove them, then the immersion is valid.


Sources: See Y.D. 120:13; 202:1-5; Eiruvin 4b; Sukkah 6a; Hakashrus 4:33


  1. Question: [Monday, 11th Tamuz 5781]

I am renting a summer home from a gentile owner for about two months. He purchased new pots and pans for our sake and for the sake of all new future guests. My question is regarding if I am required to immerse it in a mikvah prior to using it, or is a considered owned by the Gentile and therefore it is exempt from immersion?


You do not need to immerse the vessels.

Explanation: The vessels of a gentile do not have to be immersed even if a Jew borrows them to use. The same applies regarding a rented vessel, that it is still considered to be under the ownership of the Gentile and therefore does not require immersion by the Jew. Thus, in the case of new pots and pans that have never been used for non-kosher food, they may be used by the Jew without restriction.


Sources: See Michaber Y.D. 120:8; Beis Yosef 120 in name of Rashba; Meiri Avoda Zara 75b; Issur Viheter 58:59; Avoda Zara 75b

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