Flatulating in a Sukkah

  1. Question: [Friday, 19th Tishreiy, 5783]

Is it permitted for one to flatulate in a Sukkah, or is this considered disrespectful, and therefore one should leave the Sukkah if he needs to do so?


It is permitted for one to flatulate in a Sukkah if he feels the need to do so, and he is not required to leave the Sukkah to do so outside. Nevertheless, intentional and controllable flatulence is not to be done in a Sukkah.



We do not find any explicit prohibition recorded in Poskim against flatulating in a Sukkah, unlike the ruling regarding Tefillin, in which flatulence is explicitly prohibited while wearing them. Furthermore, it is forbidden to sleep with Tefillin due to this reason, that one may flatulate with them while sleeping, and by Sukkah it is a Mitzvah and obligation to sleep inside even though one may flatulate during sleep. Now, although it is forbidden to do belittling acts inside of the Sukkah, nevertheless, this refers to intentional acts that can be avoided according to one’s choice, and flatulence by nature is not something that one chooses to perform, and hence can be considered within the parameters of Teishvu Keiyn Taduru. So ruled Rav Elyashiv, and so is also the ruling regarding a Shul, in which it is permitted to flatulate and spit if necessary. So is also the ruling regarding permitting marital relations in a Sukkah due to Teishvu Keiyn Taduru.


Sources: See article of Rav Chaim Rappaort on sleeping in a Sukkah printed in Heichal Besht 4; Or Torah Gilyon 321 and 324; Avnei Yashpei 5:88 is stringent against controllable flatulance in a Sukkah being that It is forbidden to do belittling acts in a Sukkah, and thus it is forbidden to urinate in a Sukkah, and the same should apply to flatulence; However, Rav Elyashiv permits it being that so is the way of man, and it is not a belittling of the Sukkah; See regarding the general prohibition against performing belittling acts in a Sukkah: Admur 639:2; Rama 639:1; Orchos Chaim Sukkah 34; Piskeiy Teshuvos 639:3-4; See regarding the prohibition to urinate in a Sukkah: Chayeh Adam 147:2; M”B 639:9; Kaf Hachaim 639:23; Minchas Elazar 4:73; Daas Torah; Birchas Chaim 4; Beir Moshe 6:1; Piskeiy Teshuvos 639:4; See regarding marital intimacy in a Sukkah: Admur 639:9 and Rama 639:2; Taz 639:4; Elya Raba 639:8 in name of Shlah; Siddur Rav Shabsi; Birkeiy Yosef 639:3; Chayeh Adam 147:2; Ben Ish Chaiy Haazinu 9; Bikkureiy Yaakov 639:8 in name of Arizal; Kitzur SHU”A 135:2l; Aruch Hashulchan 639:4; M”B in Biur Halacha 639:1 “Vial”; See Kaf Hachaim 639:22; Nitei Gavriel 59:11

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