From the Rav’s Desk: Chewing gum outside sukkah

Chewing gum outside Sukkah

Question: [Sunday 20th Tishrei 5781]

In general, I am careful not to eat or drink anything outside of the sukkah. May I chew gum outside sukkah?



One who is stringent to eat and drink everything in the sukkah is to begin chewing the gum in the sukkah, and only after all of its flavor is dissipated, can he continue chewing it outside the sukkah.

Explanation: Chewing gum requires a before blessing to be said prior to chewing it due to its flavor which is chewed and swallowed just like a regular food. Accordingly, it should not be eaten outside of the sukkah if one is careful not eat or drink anything outside the sukkah. However, once the flavor has dissipated, then since there is no more eating taking place, and one is simply chewing elastic, therefore there is no problem in continuing to chew it outside of the sukkah.

Sources: See regarding saying a blessing over chewing gum: Beir Moshe 2:12; Kinyan Torah 5:17; Yabia Omer 7:33; Piskeiy Teshuvos 202:34; Yaskil Avdi 8:7

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