Covering the Torah Between Aliyos

Covering the Torah Between Aliyos:

The Sefaradi custom is to [leave the Sefer Torah open[1] but to] cover the Sefer Torah between the Aliyos.[2] The Ashkenazi custom is for the Sefer Torah to remain closed between Aliyos [and not covered[3]].[4] Practically, the widespread Ashkenazi custom today is to both close and cover the Sefer Torah between the Aliyos, even though this is not required.[5]


[1] Taz 139:6

[2] Michaber 139:5

[3] Taz 139:6

[4] Rama ibid; Ketzos Hashulchan 25:12

[5] Taz 139:6 negates this custom

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