From where by the Bima is the Haftorah to be read?

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From where on the Bima should the reader read the Haftorah?[1]

This matter is not recorded in Poskim. However, seemingly one should not read it in a position that one’s back is facing the Sefer Torah, or Aron.[2] Although, from the letter of the law, seemingly it is allowed.[3] Practically, the age-old Chabad custom is to read it to the right side of the Bima [i.e. if the Bima is facing east, then the reader stands to the south, which is to the right of the Baal Korei of Kerias Hatorah], due to the above reason so one’s back not be facing the Torah scroll. Nonetheless, the Rebbe was accustomed to read the Haftorah in front of the Bima, in the same area that the Baal Korei stood for Kerias Hatorah.[4] [However, in 770, the Bima is set up in a way that the people holding the Torah scrolls are positioned towards the ends of the Bima and hence the Rebbe’s back was never facing the Sefer Torah.[5]]


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