Carobs and eggs on Lag Baomer

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It is customary to eat carobs on Lag BaOmer, in memory of the carobs eaten by Rashbi when he was in the cave for 13 years.[2]


It is customary to eat hard boiled eggs on Lag BaOmer. This custom was followed by the Chabad Rabbeim and Chabad Chassidim of many generations.[3] Others[4] however write to specifically not eat eggs on this day in order not to resemble any matter of mourning. It is told that the Rebbe would eat hard boiled eggs that had their shells colored brown during the cooking.[5]  


[1] Custom of Rebbe’s household, mentioned in Sichas Tazria Metzorah 1982 37; Otzer Minhagei Chabad 61

[2] Shabbos 33b “Carob trees were created for them”

[3] Likkutei Dibburim p. 1045 that so was done by the Mittler Rebbe and his Chassidim; So was also the custom of the Rebbe Rashab, to eat a hardboiled egg by the Lag BaOmer gathering that took place after Davening.

[4] Mishmeres Shalom 38

[5] Otzer Minhagei Chabad 60

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