Buying present for wife after birth

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Buying present for wife after birth:

It is customary for the husband to purchase a gift for his wife after birth.

May one give the gifts while she is still a Nida?[1] Some Poskim[2] rule that it is forbidden for one to give a gift to his wife while she is a Nidah. Other Poskim[3], however, rule it is permitted to be done. Practically, the main ruling follows to permit doing so, whether from the husband to the wife or wife to the husband.[4] Thus, one may buy his wife a gift after she gives birth. Nonetheless, one should be stringent when the entire purpose of the gift is in order to create a state of romance and affection, such as a gift that is given on the occasion of her immersion in the Mikveh.[5] Furthermore, some write that anytime one’s wife can wait to receive the gift until she is pure and she will not be upset of the delay, then it is proper to only give the gift when she is pure.[6] Even according to this opinion, there is no need to be stringent against buying her flowers for Shabbos, giving her gifts of food, or buying gifts for the general benefit of the family and household.[7]


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