Daily Chumash Sunday Parshas Achrei Mos-The Avoda of Yom Kippur



  1. Death of Aaron’s sons:
  • The Torah recounts the death of Aaron’s sons and the commands Hashem told Moshe as a result.

  1. The Avoda of Yom Kippur:
  • Aaron may only enter the Kodesh when the cloud is on the Kapores.
  • The offerings: Aaron is to bring a bull as a Chatas offering and a ram as an Oleh offering when he enters the Kodesh. He is to wear four linen garments during the service and is to immerse in a Mikveh prior to doing so. The nation is to bring to Aaron two goat offerings as a Chatas and a single ram as an Oleh.
  • Aaron is to offer his bull as a Chatas and atone for himself and family.
  • The service done with the two Chatas goats: The two goats are to be placed before the Ohel Moed. A raffle is to be made and one of the goats is to go to Hashem and the second is to go to Azazel. The goat which came out to Hashem is to be offered as a Chatas. The Azazel goat is to be sent to the desert.
  • The bull of Aaron is to be offered.
  • The Ketores: Coals and Ketores are to be brought to the Paroches. The Ketores is to be placed on the coals before Hashem.
  • Sprinkling the blood in the Kodesh: The blood of the bull is to be sprinkled with his finger seven times onto the Paroches. The goat which came out to Hashem is to be offered as a Chatas and its blood sprinkled seven times by the Paroches. This procedure is followed in order to purify Bnei Yisrael and atone for their sins. No person is to be in the Ohel Moed when the Kohen enters into the Kodesh.

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