Daily Tanya 20th Nissan Chapter 42: How fear of G-d is easily attainable


(LY) 20th Nissan

  1. Takes great effort to reveal the natural fear one nurtures from the soul of Moshe:
  • Ability to connect comes from Moshe: This ability and attribute contained within every soul of Israel to connect his mind with G-d is nurtured from the soul of Moshe.
  • Not easy to achieve: Nonetheless, this does not mean that it is easy to achieve. Being that the soul [which contains this ability that comes from Moshe] has been invested in a physical body it therefore requires a great and intense and doubled effort in order to achieve this connection. We will now explain the two efforts and exercises required to be done for one to achieve this.

  1. Bitush-Breaking the body and animal soul:
  • The first effort and exercise are for one to strain his body, to mortify the body and subjugate it so it can no longer darken the light of the soul as explained earlier in chapter 29 that when a body is unable to experience the light of the soul than it is to be crushed.
  • Thoughts of repentance: This itself is accomplished through having thoughts of repentance from the depths of one’s heart, as explained there.

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