Being shown the reading before the blessing of the Aliyah and the law if one was shown the wrong reading

Being shown the reading and kissing the gartel/Tzitzis:[1]

The Olah is to be shown the text that will be read in the Sefer Torah.[2] The custom is to place the gartel of the Sefer Torah, or one’s Tzitzis, on the area of the reading and then kiss it in that area.[3] The Chabad custom is to place the Tzitzis/gartle on the start and concluding area of the reading.[4] The Rebbe was accustomed to place the Tallis on the beginning, end, and then beginning of the reading, and then kiss the Tallis.[5] This is not a directive to the public.[6]

Shown wrong text:[7]  If one was shown the wrong area of reading, then if the correct area is on the same page and was also open in front of the Olah, it is valid.[8] Nonetheless, in such a case, if he was shown an area lower than the correct reading, the Baal Korei is to continue reading past the shown area, if it is not part of the next Parsha. If the correct area was not at all open before the Olah while he said the before blessing, then he must repeat the blessing from the beginning.[9]  If the Chazan already began the reading then the Olah should start again from Barchu.[10] If they rolled to the correct area during the blessing, it remains valid.[11]


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