Battle of the 14th in Shushan

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The Battle of the 14th in Shushan: [1]

The king asked Esther on the 13th if she is pleased with the results of the warfare on the 13th and if she has any further requests. Esther asks for a further day of battle in Shushan. The king grants her requests and in Shushan they battle a further day, killing another 300 men.



Why was Achashveirosh so eager to ask Esther if she has any more requests?[2]

At first Achashveirosh was angry with Esther for the ruin and destruction caused to the nations. However an angel came and slapped Achashveirosh, hence leading him to ask Esther if all of her desires were fulfilled.


[1] 9/11-15

[2] Yalkut Shimoni 1059

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