Food left under ones bed part 3

Leaving food under bed Part 3 

Q&A on bed that one did not sleep on

May one place food under a bed that one is not sleeping on and is the food forbidden if one did so?

Some Poskim[1] rule that one may place food or drink under the bed if he is not sleeping on it. Other Poskim[2] rule that initially, food or drink should not be placed under the bed even if one is not sleeping on it. Bedieved, if one went ahead and did so, the food is permitted to be eaten [even for those that are generally stringent to prohibit such foods] so long as one did not sleep on the bed.[3]

How long of a sleep prohibits the food:[4] If one plans to sleep on the bed during the night for at least a half hour then according all one may not initially place food under the bed and even Bedieved the food is forbidden according to the stringent opinion that prohibits eating foods that were placed under the bed even Bedieved. 


Q&A on bed that one slept on

What is the law if the food is not placed directly on the ground, but in a drawer and the like that is under the bed? What is the law if the food is placed under the bed on a tiled floor?

Some Poskim[5] suggest that the prohibition only applies if the food is placed directly on an earth floor, while if it is on top of tiles or a wood floor, it is allowed. Certainly if it was placed in a drawer that is under the bed it is allowed according to this approach. However other Poskim[6] are stringent even in such a case. Practically, Lechatchilah one is to avoid doing so although Bedieved one can use the above Poskim to be lenient to permit eating the food in a time of need.[7]


May one place food under the bed during the day if one will be sleeping on it?[8]

Some Poskim[9] write against doing so even if one will only sleep on it during the day. Other Poskim[10] write it is permitted to do so during the day.[11]


May one place food under his pillow?[12]



May one place food under his mattress?[13]



May one sleep with food in his pocket?[14]



By a bunk bed may one place food on top of the lower bed which is under the upper bed?

This matter is disputed in Poskim, as explained in the first Q&A above regarding food that is not directly on the ground. Practically, one is to initially avoid doing so although Bedieved the food is permitted.[15] If a child sleeps in the upper bed then certainly there is great room to allow one to do so, as brought in Q&A below.


What is the law if another person placed one’s food under the bed?[16]

If a person placed someone else’s food under a bed without the owner’s knowledge the food is permitted to be eaten as it does not contract the impure spirit.[17]  However, if this was done by a close family member or the maid, then there is room to prohibit the food in such a case.[18]

[1] Toras Chaim, brought in Darkei Teshuvah ibid; Directive of Rebbe Rashab that the prohibition is only when one sleeps on the bed. [Heard from Harav Eliyahu Landa]; See however Igros Kodesh Rashab 1/134 that he asked a Shaala to Rav Y.M. Bespalov regarding tobacco that was placed under his bed, even though he had not yet slept under the bed. The Rebbe Rashab offered two sides to the question of whether one must be stringent even if he did not sleep on the bed and asked Rav Y.M. to rule on the matter. We do not know what the Rav answered although perhaps the above directive of the Rebbe Rashab was based on his answer to be lenient. Vetzrauch Iyun!

[2] Or Yitzchak 14, brought in Darkeiy Teshuvah 116/38

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[17] The reason: As the impure spirit can only reside on an item with the permission of the owner and not when something as done against his will. [Rav Poalim ibid]

[18] Rav Poalim ibid as by such people one can say the owner gives them permission to place the items where they see fit and their hand is like an extension of the owners hand.

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