Blowing of the Shofar 2

The spiritual preparation prior to the blowing:[1] One[2] is to [spiritually] prepare himself prior to blowing Shofar.[3] [This is accomplished by each person thinking of matters that spiritually arouse him, each person on his own level and in accordance to his nature.[4] On a deeper level at this time one […]

Blowing of the Shofar 1

The 15th of Elul-the Founding of Tomchei Temimim: On the fifteenth of Elul 5657 [1897; תרנ׳׳ז] the Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva was founded in Lubavitch.     Directives of the Rebbe in connection with this date:[1] One is to add in the learning of Chassidus on this day. This especially applies […]

Women hearing Shofar

Women: Women are not obligated to hear Shofar.[1] Nevertheless if they desire to blow Shofar they may do so[2] with a blessing.[3] Practically women today have accepted the hearing of Shofar as an obligation and hence they must do so due to this custom.[4] May a man blow Shofar for […]

Holes in the Shofar

The job of the Rav:[1] The Rav of the town is responsible for checking prior to R”H that the Shofar is valid without any question or doubts of cracks and chips and the like.   A Shofar that was made through welding together pieces of horn:[2] If one glued [or […]

Kashrus of the horn

Which animal horns may be used for blowing Shofar on Rosh Hashanah?[1] Introduction: Only those horns that are defined as a Shofar as opposed to Keren are valid to be used for blowing Shofar. The following will discuss the definition of a Keren and which horns are thus invalid to […]

Introduction to Blowing Shofar

Blowing Shofar according to Halacha Unfortunately, those which are not well versed in Halacha think that all and any form of blowing that resembles the traditional blow is valid. This is incorrect. The blowing has many fine Halachic details involved in it with which lack of doing so can invalidate […]

Chazaras Hashatz

Chazaras Hashatz: Standing when the ark is open: From the letter of the law one is not required to stand when the ark is open, however the custom of the world is to stand out of respect.[1] Nevertheless if it is difficult for one to stand he may be seated.[2] […]

Eating before Shofar

If one did not recite Vichein Ten Pachdecha and already concluded “Hamelech Hakadosh” must he repeat Shemoneh Esrei?[1] No. He is to continue with the remainder of Shemoneh Esrei.[2] If he remembered after reciting Hashem’s name in the blessing [Baruch Ata Hashem] he is to conclude the blessing with Hamelech […]

Zachreinu; Oseh Hashalom

  Today’s daily Halacha is dedicated in the memory of Simcha Freida Bas Tzemach, whose Yartzite is today. What is the law if one recited Zachreinu or Mi Chamocha in Shemoneh Esrei after Aseres Yimei Teshuvah?[1] One who recited Zachreinu or another of the fours stanzas during Shemoneh Esrei when […]