Introduction to Blowing Shofar

Blowing Shofar according to Halacha

Unfortunately, those which are not well versed in Halacha think that all and any form of blowing that resembles the traditional blow is valid. This is incorrect. The blowing has many fine Halachic details involved in it with which lack of doing so can invalidate the Mitzvah.

  • How long must a Tekiah be?
  • How many sounds must be made in a Teruah?
  • How long is each sound of the Shever to be?
  • When is one required to take breaths between the blows and when is it forbidden?
  • What is the law if one blew a wrong sound in middle of a set?
  • What is the law if the sound did not come out well and one needs to redo it?
  • From which side of the mouth does one blow?


Knowing the Halachos:

One who takes the great initiative of going on Mivtzaim on Rosh Hashanah and blowing Shofar for other Jews is certainly doing a great deed. Nevertheless to ensure that the Mitzvah is done properly the person blowing must be aware of the Halachas involved in blowing Shofar.[1]  The following is a list of laws that one must know:


Is the Shofar Kosher? 

One must verify that the Shofar is Halachicly valid. This means that:

  1. It must be purchased under a reliable Hashgacha to verify it comes from a valid animal.
  2. One must check that it does not contain cracks or holes that can invalidate it.


[1]Sefer Haminhagim: The Baal Tokeia is to review the Mamar, and this is of course in addition to being expert in the laws of blowing.

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