What is one to do if the wrong Sefer Torah was removed from the Aron:

What is one to do if the wrong Sefer Torah was removed from the Aron:

If the wrong Sefer Torah was removed from the Aron [i.e. not rolled to the right Parsha], some Poskim[1]  rule that it is not to be replaced.[2] This applies even if one desires to remove a more Mehudar Sefer Torah, so long as the current one is Kosher.[3] Other Poskim[4], however, rule it is permitted for the Sefer Torah to be returned and have the correct one removed, due to Tircha Detzibura to have the wrong Sefer Torah rolled to the right place. Practically, one is to be stringent like the first opinion to not replace the Sefer Torah and is rather to open it up and roll it to the correct Parsha.[5] Nevertheless, one who is lenient in a case of Tircha Detzibura does not need to be protested.[6]

Remembered prior to removing from Aron:[7] If one did not yet remove the Sefer Torah from the Aron even though it is already in his hands, it may be exchanged.

Placed Maftir on Bima instead of Rishon:[8] If on a day that one reads from two Sifrei Torah’s [i.e. Shabbos Rosh Chodesh], and one accidentally placed the Maftir Sefer Torah on the Bima instead of the Sefer Torah Torah Rishon, one may nevertheless replace it with the Sefer Torah Rishon.[9]


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[9] The reason: As since in any event one will read from the Maftir Sefer Torah for Maftir, there is no need to worry about a Pegam. [Biur Halacha ibid]

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