Daily Chumash Monday Vayakhel: The donations come in



  1. The donations come in:
  • Those of generous heart came and donated towards the Mishkan. Both men and women donated. They brought gold jewelry such as bracelets, nose rings, rings, Kumaz. Whoever had Techeiles-Turquoise, Argamon-purple, and scarlet wool donated it. Whoever had the ram skins and Techashim skins donated it. People brought silver and copper. Whoever had acacia-shittim wood, brought it. Women spun yarn of the different types of wool mention above, and donated it. The leaders donated the precious stones, the Avnei Shoham and Avnei Miluim for the Eiphod and for the Choshen, and the spices and oil for the lighting and for the anointing oil and the Ketores.

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