Daily Tanya 1st Adar 2: Middle of Chapter 34-The residing of the Divine presence in the teachings of Halacha

(LY) 1st Adar 2

3.      The residing of the Divine presence in the teachings of Halacha:

  • From the time that the temple was destroyed, the only remaining residence and home for G-d to dwell within this world, which refers to the revelation of the unity of G-d, is the four cubits of Jewish law.
  • Jewish law contains G-d’s will and wisdom: The reason for this is because Jewish law contains invested within it the will and wisdom of G-d.

4.      Intending to make a dwelling place for G-d within one’s Torah learning:

  • Contemplating the above: After a person contemplates the above idea [of the unity of G-d explained in chapter 33, and of the nullification of our ancestors to G-d and how G-d resided in the temple and how now G-d only resides within the teachings of Halacha], he should then tell himself the following, in order so he too merit to make a dwelling place for G-d below:
    • Personally, my mind is too limited, and the root of my soul is too low to merit to become a true abode for the revelation of G-d’s unity. This is due to the fact that my mind cannot comprehend at all regarding G-d even one iota of what the forefathers and prophets were able to comprehend.
    • Accordingly, instead [of trying to comprehend G-d in order to have G-d dwell within me], I will make for G-d a dwelling place below within my Torah learning according to my time and ability by both day and night, in accordance to my requirements of Torah learning brought in Jewish law, which at minimum is one chapter in the morning and one chapter in the evening.

5.      Rejoicing in one’s making for G-d a dwelling place below within one’s Torah learning:

  • Using the above contemplation and resolve, a person’s heart should rejoice and celebrate and give thanks to G-d in his Torah learning over the fact that he merited to become a host for G-d twice every single day, in accordance to the amount of time he has to set aside for learning Torah.

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