The Mitzvah of Tzitzis: History and Application

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The Mitzvah of Tzitzis:[1]

The Torah[2] commands every male Jew to tie fringes onto the corners of four cornered garments that he wears. It is forbidden to wear any garment that is obligated in Tzitzis and does not have Kosher Tzitzis placed on all of its four corners.[3] One who wears such a garment transgresses a positive command, as he has nullified the Mitzvah of Tzitzis. [The Gemara[4] states that one who does so transgresses five positive commands.[5]]

How many Mitzvos are fulfilled by wearing Tzitzis?[6] One who wears a four-cornered garment with Tzitzis on each corner fulfills a single Biblical positive command.

The History-When were the Jewish people commanded the Mitzvah of Tzitzis?[7]

The Jewish people were commanded the Mitzvah of Tzitzis after the incident of “Mikosheish Eitzim[8]” occurred on Shabbos. After this incident, Moshe said to Hashem “During the week they have Tefillin which they wear to remind them of the Mitzvos; on Shabbos however, when Tefillin is not worn, what will remind them of the Mitzvos?” Hashem replied, “I am giving you the Mitzvah of Tzitzis through which you will remember [the commands]”. This is why the Parsha of Tzitzis begins with “Vayomer Hashem El Moshe” and not the standard wording of “Vayidaber Hashem El Moshe”, as Vayomer implies that Hashem is answering a request that was made by Moshe.[9]

Does one perform a Mitzvah at every moment that he wears Tzitzis, or only at the initial wearing?

From some sources[10] it is implied that the Mitzvah is fulfilled every moment that one wears Tzitzis.[11]

Is there a Mitzvah to look at the Tzitzis?

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The reason: All four corners of Tzitzis are considered a single Mitzvah, and therefore so long as a Tallis does not have all four Tzitzis attached to it, it is not Kosher. [ibid] 

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The reason: As all four corners of Tzitzis are considered a single Mitzvah. [ibid]

Other opinions: Rebbe Yishmael in Mishneh Menachos 28a is of the opinion that each of the four corners is a separate Mitzvah, and one hence fulfills four positive commands in wearing Tzitzis. We rule like Chachamim. 

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