Daily Tanya 14th Adar 2: Chapter 37-The Mitzvah’s also elevate the general physical world

  1. The Mitzvah’s also elevate the general physical world:
  • Speech and action derive their energy from one’s blood: There is an additional reason for why the speech of Torah and prayer and action of Mitzvah’s has the ability to elevate the energy of the side of evil, and this is due to the fact that the energy of the animal soul which is invested in the words of speech of Torah and prayer and the like, and in the physical Mitzvos, derives from the energy found in one’s blood, and the blood comes from the actual Kelipas Nogah itself.
  • The energy found in one’s blood comes from the produce of the world: The energy that one contains within his blood all comes from the food and drink that he ate and drank and hence turned into blood. These foods and drinks were originally under the governance of Kelipas Nogah and received their sustenance from the source of evil.
  • The food and drink of the world become elevated through the Mitzvah: Accordingly, it is found that at the time of the fulfillment of the Mitzvah, this energy that was in the foods and originally from the side of Kelipas Nogah now becomes transformed into good and incorporated within holiness. This comes as a result of the animal soul investing itself in the Mitzvah of action or speech, which expresses G-d’s inner will without any concealment, as the animal soul itself derived its energy from this energy of the food and drink, and hence this energy of the food also becomes incorporated within the infinite light of G-d, which is expressed in his will. In fact, it is due to the elevation of this energy from the food that is found within the animal soul, that the animal soul itself also becomes elevated with it.
  • All Kelipas Nogah becomes elevated as a result: As a result of the elevation of the energy of the animal soul and the foods which energized it, the entire realm of Kelipas Nogah also becomes elevated.
  • All of the world becomes elevated as a result: Kelipas Nogah is the general source of vitality and energy of the entire world. Hence, through the elevation of Kelipas Nogah all the general vitality and energy of this physical world is elevated.

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