Daily Tanya 18th Adar 2: Middle of Chapter 37-Each soul has its unique mission of elevating the world


(LY) 18th Adar 2

  • Each soul has its unique mission of elevating the world-The 600,000 souls elevate the 600,000 parts of world: The general souls of Israel, which comprise of 600,000 unique souls, are the general life force of the entire world, as it is for them that the world is created. Every soul of the 600,000 souls contains a part of the world that corresponds to him, as there are 600,000 general parts of the world corresponding to the 600,000 Jewish souls. When a soul elevates his animal soul that is within his body, it also elevates its corresponding aspect of the world, and hence it is found that the elevation of the world is literally dependent on the elevation of the animal soul.
  • In detail, whatever a person uses for the sake of his body and animal soul to serve G-d, such as eating and drinking and the like, as well as his living quarters and other living accessories, all become elevated as the result of the elevation of his animal soul.
  • There are many more than 600,000 souls: In truth, the 600,000 unique souls are only the roots of all the souls, as each of the 600,000 unique souls is divided into 600,000 sparks with each spark being one soul [for a total of 360,000,000,000 souls, and hence there are many more than just 600,000 Jewish souls in existence throughout history]. This occurs also on the level of Nefesh and Ruach in each of the four spiritual worlds of Atzilus, Beriya, Yetzirah and Assiyah. [Thus, each of the 600,000 souls has 1/600,000th of the world dependent on it to be elevated to Hashem through using that part of the world for serving G-d, such as eating and drinking and living quarters, and all of one’s belongings.]

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