Tanya 7th Nissan-Chapter 40: Love and fear are the wings of Torah and Mitzvos

(LY) 7th Nissan

  1. Love and fear are the wings of Torah and Mitzvos:
  • Based on all the above, we can understand more clearly the fact that love and fear of G-d are considered the wings of the Torah and Mitzvahs that one studies and fulfills.
  • Angels need wings to fly, which is their love and fear: This is based on the verse which states regarding the Angels “and with two wings you shall fly,” [which refers to that the elevation above is through love and fear].
  • Love and fear are the arms of man corresponding to the wings of a bird: Rabbi Chaim Vital writes that the wings of a bird are the arms of man. [This refers to the love and fear that man has for G-d, as the right arm refers to love, and the left arm refers to fear.]
  • Sons versus chicks: The Zohar states that one who serves Hashem with love and fear is called a child, while if one does not serve him with love and fear, he is called a chick which cannot fly.

  1. Gloss-Matat, and the world of Yetzirah:
  • Matat the Angel is a bird: It states in the Zohar that the angel known as Matat is referred to as a bird. Its head is the Yud of G-d’s name, while its body is the Vav of G-d’s name, and its two wings are the two letters Hei.
  • The world of Yetzirah corresponds to Matat: In detail, the angel known as Matat corresponds to the world of Yetzirah. The laws of the Mishneh correspond to the letter Vav. The head of the world of Yetzirah [which corresponds to the letter Yud] is its intellectual aspects of Chochma, Bina, Daas. This corresponds to the inner aspects of the Torah laws, their mystical meaning, and reasons.
  • The wings are love and fear: The two wings of the angel of Matat is love and fear. The first letter Hei of the Divine name refers to love of G-d, while the second letter Hei of the Divine name refers to the lower fear of G-d.
  • The lower fear of G-d: This lower fear of G-d is the acceptance of the yoke of heaven and fear of G-d similar to the fear of the king. This is an external conscious fear.
  • The higher fear of G-d: This is in contrast to the higher fear of G-d which is a fear of shame. This is a concealed fear that is known only to G-d. This corresponds to the letter Yud of the name of G-d, which is in the supernal wisdom as it states in the Zohar.

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