Segulos for having a boy

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Segulos for having a boy:[1]

There are several Segulos recorded in Chazal and Sefarim for the bearing of male children. The following are some of the Segulos that are recorded:

  1. Being careful in the laws of Nidah.[2]
  2. Being careful in Hafrashas Challah.[3]
  3. Being careful in lighting the Shabbos candles.[4]
  4. Sanctification:[5] One who sanctifies himself during intercourse will have male children, as the verse states Vehiskadashtem Vihayisem Kedoshim, and then states in the next Parsha “Isha Ki Sazria.”
  5. Do the will of wife and G-d:[6] One who desires male children is to do the will of G-d and the will of his wife. He is to do the will of G-d by dispersing charity and do the will of his wife by rejoicing with her during the intercourse.
  6. Placing the bed from North to South:[7] In addition to the Halachic obligation[8], placing the bed from North to South [is a Segula] for having male children.
  7. Giving seed first:[9] One who remains a long time on his wife’s stomach [during intimacy[10]] in order so she gives seed first, merits to have male children, as if the wife gives seed first a male child is born.
  8. Repetition:[11] Having intercourse twice in a row [in close approximation[12]], merits having male children.[13]
  9. Beautification:[14] Having intercourse with one’s wife if she beautifies herself for her husband, and tries to appease him for the sake of getting his attention and affection [of intimacy], merits one to have male children who are wise and righteous.
  10. Charity: Giving charity prior to intimacy is a Segula for having male children.[15] Giving charity daily, prior to Davening is also a Segula for having male children.[16]
  11. Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas Yisrael:[17] Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas Yisrael, and Ahavas Hatorah,  is a Segula for having male children.
  12. Hachanasas Orchim:[18] Performing the Mitzvah of Hachanasas Orchim with a good and happy heart is a Segula for having male children.

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