Purim Damages

Must one pay for damages incurred during a Purim meal?
 During the Purim festivities, a guest who was extremely overjoyed stood on our table to begin dancing on it and after a few seconds the entire table collapsed, and is now broken. Is that individual obligated to pay for the damages?
Some Poskim rule that if one caused damage to his friend as a result of the rejoicing of Purim he is exempt from paying for the damages. Some Poskim , however, rule that this only applies to property damage, however regarding bodily damage the person who caused the injury must pay. Other Poskim , however, rule he is exempt from even bodily damage. Others rule that by a large financial loss one is liable to pay, while by small damage he is exempt. Practically, the matter is to be judged in a Beis Din and dealt with in accordance to their ruling. All the above is with regards to one who injured another, or damaged his property, as a result of the rejoicing of Purim. If, however, he intended to cause damage or bodily harm then he is liable for all damages. [According to all, one must ask the victim for forgiveness after Purim even if he is exempt from payment. ]


If one caused damage while drunk on Purim is he liable for damages?
Some Poskim rule that if one caused damage due to his drunken state he must pay for all damages done while he is drunk even if it occurred by the Purim feast. [If, however, the damage was accidentally caused during his state of rejoicing, then it follows the same law as a above, even if the was drunk at the time. ]

If one offended someone while he was drunk must he ask for forgiveness?
Yes. There is no allowance to embarrass, shame or offend someone due to the joy of Purim.

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