Shiurim Hilchos Shabbos-Hebrew-Volume 2/שיעורים בהלכות שבת -עברית-חלק שני




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Deep, clear, & comprehensive Hebrew language classes on the laws of Shabbos, corresponding to our Sefer “A Semicha Aid for Learning the Laws of Shabbos-volume 2.”

The length of each audio class fluctuates between 30 minutes to an hour.

This audio package includes the following subjects:

  1. Chapter 313-314-Boneh Vesoser- 15 Audios Classes
  2. Chapter 315-Ohel8 Audio classes
  3. Chapter 316-Tzeida7 Audio Classes
  4. Chapters 316-Netilas Nefesh5 Audio Classes
  5. Chapter 317-Tyeing5 Audio Classes
  6. Chapters 319-Borer16 Audio Classes
  7. Chapter 320-Squeezing, Melting, Molid Reiach, Dyeing29 Audio Classes
  8. Chapters 321-Salting, Grinding, Kneading25 Audio Classes
  9. Chapter 326-Bathing15 Audio Classes
  10. Chapters 328-Borer-6 Audio Classes

The classes originally featured as part of a renowned college course in Talmudic and Halachic studies which attracted thousands of students, including many renowned scholars who have all sung the praise of the clear and comprehensive lessons given by Rabbi Goldstein.

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