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From the Rav’s Desk: Working in a grocery on Chol Hamoed

Post Views: 38 Question: I have a job working in a grocery shop during the year and was asked to come in during Chol Hamoed, which is a regular workday. May I do so?   Answer:               Yes. It is permitted for you to continue to work as normal in a

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Laws & Customs of Chol Hamoed-Summary-Part 2

Post Views: 45 Chapter 1: Melacha on Chol Hamoed 1. The importance of guarding the Moed: The Sages stated that one who belittles the Moed does not have a portion in the world to come and it is considered as if he has served idols. Hence, one must be very

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Laws & Customs of Chol Hamoed-Summary

Post Views: 150 The purpose of Chol Hamoed: Torah learning: The entire purpose of Chol Hamoed is for the sake of the Jewish people dedicating themselves towards Torah learning. Throughout the year we are involved in mundane work in efforts to sustain our family and contribute to society. The week

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From the Rav’s Desk: Ironing during Chol Hamoed

Post Views: 687 Question: [Wednesday, 18th Nissan, 5781] Is it permitted for one to iron clothing during Chol Hamoed? Answer: Yes. Many Poskim rule that it is permitted for one to iron clothing on Chol Hamoed [for the sake of Chol Hamoed or Yom Tov]. However, some Poskim rule that

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